"Their technicians arrived and went to work and it was amazing to see them meticulously performing their job to perfection. The dishwasher was installed and we are very happy with the outcome." - Dan B.

"We have been using the Appliance Doctor for over 5 years on 4 apartments we own in the Fan area of Richmond. Key things we find working with him:

  • He is always very quick to respond to our inquiry / request
  • He is quick to get to our apartment(s) and perform the work
  • He let's us know the cost to repair or the cost to replace so that we can decide what the best course of action is

One time, we were having problems with a clothes washer & dryer and historically finding parts was an problem. For this one case, he told us he could get 2 parts and suggested we buy them both so that we had a spare. Sure enough in about a year we needed that part and he remembered that we had it in the basement and he installed it. That is a real partner - he works with us." - Silas M.

"My mind is blown. My washer isn't cycling properly, so I searched for a repair company online. I read good Yelp reviews for Appliance Doctor, so I called and left a message. He called me back 10 minutes later and when I described the problem, he immediately said, "buy a new washer." He could have made the appointment, charged me $80 for the service call and then told me that, but he was honest upfront and said it was a circuit board problem and I could get if fixed, but would have to spend $400-$500 to fix it. I'm so grateful for his honesty and integrity, and for calling me back so quickly. To the guy who left the one-star review on Yelp for the same reason, maybe David was just trying to save you money..." - Kelly M.

"I called for a washing machine repair and the gentleman on the phone was polite and scheduled the service for the next day .. technician came at the time he told me he would , quickly diagnosed the problem and ordered the part . He explained everything so that i understood and told me the price and ensured I was comfortable with the repair and price ( which I was ) .. very pleased with this company." - Stephanie L.

"This was the servicer authorized to do a recall repair on my dishwasher. He not only helped me resolve problems with the case number issued by the manufacturer, but managed to carefully extract and reinsert the dishwasher without damaging our new cork floor. Considering how tight the clearance was, this was a true miracle. He replaced the power box that was the issue, and pointed out how the original installers from the big box store where we had purchased the dishwasher had done sloppy work on the original electrical connection, which fortunately was fixed with the recall replacement parts. Will definitely call him whenever we next have an appliance issue." - Cheryl C.

"I couldn't be more pleased with Appliance Doctor. David returned my call promptly, he and Josh were at my house in less than 2 hours, and within 30 minutes, my washing machine was working. I was extremely impressed! I had called several companies and I had been starting to believe there wasn't a chance of getting anyone at the house that same day. It is so nice to know that awesome service is still alive and well!" - Judith M.

"I have lived in two separate rental properties and the appliance dr was coincidentally used by both! I wa so happy when I moved to the second location. David is quick to respond, and always fixes issues efficiently. Highly recommend." - Laura B.

"I strongly recommend. He has helped us with refrigerator and dishwasher issues. Most recently, he was kind enough to help me fix a dishwasher problem over the phone that I inadvertently caused fixing a faucet." - C.M.

"Appliance Doctor is phenomenal. My NXR stove had a bad burner and igniter and they repaired my stove through the manufacturers warranty without any issue. The gentleman that came to my house were very kind and courteous and had my stove repaired in no time! I highly recommend them for your appliance repair needs. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this company." - Sam F.

"Wow!! Excellent job. I was able to look at my dryer the same day. Great job and a great price. I would use him again and recommend him to friends and family."

"Great service. I called the good doctor and he asked what the problems were with my washer and dryer before he came out to look. I told him and he told me what to do to fix the problem with the dryer ON MY OWN. He also let me know that the washer was going to be expensive to fix and I was better off buying a new one than having him come look at it. Amazing...I feel bad that he didn't make any money!"

"Great service - came same day; professional; honest. He could have made a lot of money by servicing my dryer, but when I asked him if he would have the dryer serviced or buy a new one -- he said he would buy a new one. I will call him back again and recommend him to everyone."

"I can't say enough good things about the Appliance Doctor's service. Referred to the Appliance Doctor by the manufacturer of my dryer, I wasn't sure what to expect, but the response was super quick. David is utterly professional and extremely knowledgeable. He relentlessly worked to ensure my dryer was not just running -- but operating at the right temperature -- and even followed up after the repair. His fees were much less than another company I had used previously, and he clearly explained any work, charges, and part costs involved before proceeding. Wow!"

"Just when I thought appliance service in Richmond was going to be the same old, same old (like waiting all day for someone to show up smelling like cigarettes and tracking dirty boots onto my clean floors and then not really caring about my problem), what a pleasant surprise to find the Appliance Doctor! David was geat! Very knowledgeable, professional and thorough repairing my refrigerator. I was very impressed at how well he knew his appliances. I will always know who to call for all my appliance needs. Thanks for such a great job!"

"Look no further! Professional, honest, fast, responsive. He was prepared, knowledgeable, and capable, and acted swiftly and thoughtfully. From the time I made the call to the time he arrived, made the repairs, and left was 75 minutes. In addition, I have two small kids and I was VERY comfortable with him in the house and among my family and things."

"Very friendly and professional, the Appliance Doctor lived up to his name. I called at 2:00 and the technician was able to be there by 4:00! Within 5 minutes of arriving, he had diagnosed the problem and explained the solution. He ran out to pick up some parts and returned within an hour to finish the job. Unfortunately the parts I needed were not cheap, but buying a new fridge would have been much worse. Overall, I would highly recommend calling The Appliance Doctor for any of your appliance repair needs. I will recommend to my family, friends and neighbors!!"

"These guys are great -- fast, efficient, and inexpensive. While some other services were unavailable for days or even weeks, the Appliance Doctor was available to come out the very next morning -- very important when one of your life-blood appliances is on the fritz! Pleasant, courteous service is another plus. I will definitely be calling the Appliance Doctor again next time something goes awry."

"Fast and very professional service. I have used this service person for years! Highly recommend for all appliance service needs."

"Very quick response time, very thorough, and explains everything that needs to be done BEFORE he does it. Returns calls right away. Prices are always among the lowest quotes. Friendly, trustworthy, I've used him for years and will use him for years to come. The best in Richmond!"

I would definitely recommend this company and will be calling them if I have any future appliance needs. - A.B.



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